Wood Firing

I create wood-fired pieces. The pots are thrown and glazed at the shop and then transported to the kiln site about ten miles away. After a decade of firing an "anagama"-style kiln, I now fire a "suskenei"-style kiln. Both of these kilns were built with the help of the Japanese potter M. Kusakabe.
The pots fired in this manner require an extraordinary amount of time to produce. Each firing requires the preparation of nearly four full cords of wood. Two days of loading precede the firing which continues around the clock with the kiln being stoked every 5-10 minutes for about two days. After two days of cooling, the kiln is unloaded and, with good fortune, produces approximately 650 pieces. Long exposure to the flames in the kiln produces beautiful flashes of color and natural ash glazes that reach a subtle elegance achieved by no other method.