Product Information

All Caradori pieces are made of stoneware, and all are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.

Recommendations for Oven Use: Like all ceramic objects, the pottery will perform best if you are mindful of a few conditions. Gradual, even changes in temperature will protect pieces from damage. Warming the pottery before it goes into the oven or putting it in a cold oven to warm with the air temperature will protect it from a rapid change in temperature. An even distribution of food across the surface of the pot will help the bottom to heat evenly. We suggest using pottery in the middle or top rack of the oven, further away from the heat source which can subject the pot to intense, uneven heat. When removing a hot pot from the oven, be careful to set it on a wire cooling rack or other surface that will protect it from coming in contact with a cold surface like a granite countertop, cold metal range grate, or water. Being aware of these considerations will help you to enjoy your pots for many years.